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User Security

User Security
As a company, we have aimed to protect the security and privacy requests of our visitors on our website. Furnituresel.com users who use our furniture and have this experience; It has a modern infrastructure. It is also known for being an advanced company. All the information you have forwarded to our site is encrypted and protected by our site. The entry of other persons, namely a third party, is also blocked.
How is User Security Provided?
If your data is not stolen and for your privacy, you can apply the following.
       Do not enter your password information from other devices that you do not trust.
       If you receive a link or e-mail and you do not know these people, never click on these links.
       We never recommend sharing passwords. You should also never share your credit and debit cards. Do not share any of your important data.
       Never confirm any confirmation code you receive on your phone.
       You must not share any open networks.
       Do not shop while using other open networks.
       Do not shop from sites without checking whether the padlock system is in the address bar.
       Do not install applications from official institutions or stores.
       Do not accept any number from any fake number. Don't take any notice.
FurnitureSel What is being done for Safe Shopping?
Furnituresel, which wants users to be on a reliable site and on a site that complies with privacy principles, takes the following precautions:
       Never share your passwords or credit information via SMS, E-Mail or any other method.
       We use it the moment we receive your order and then destroy your credit card information. The data source can never be kept.
       We offer 24/7 customer support during or after the sale.
       We guarantee all such processes as soon as your payment is received.