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Secure Shopping

Safe Shopping Address: Furnituresel.com!
Those who want to shop online want to shop safely! Furniture sel is aware of this situation. Therefore, it always brings you an excellent infrastructure at the point of security. Furnituresel.com internet address uses SSL Security Certificate effectively. Therefore, it ensures the safety of its visitors at a high level.
Furnituresel uses "credit card information" only at the stage when you start purchasing. Therefore, "credit card information" is not recorded in any way. This brings important gains in terms of ensuring your shopping security. Again, the information used within the scope of the SSL Certificate is not used except for the purchase! Thus, Furniture sel offers you a perfect shopping opportunity!
How do I ensure the security of my account information?
• Use different passwords for each site you use.
• Do not openly store your passwords on your phone or computer.
• Uncheck “Remember Password” when using a different computer.
• Your Passwords Create a password consisting of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.
• Share your personal information on social media networks in a limited way and stay away from things like fake link viruses.
• Change your password every 1 and 3 months.
How can I ensure the security of my device?
• Protect your mobile device using a biometric method such as PIN, Fingerprint or FACE identification.
• Install the applications you have installed on your mobile device from the official application stores.
• Do not install software from sources that you do not need or that have not been verified.
• Disable hotspot connections when you are finished using applications such as VPN.
•Create a password to secure your home computer.
• Use the latest version of the web browser you are using. If it's not up to date, update it.
• Have an effective antivirus program on your computer and check the firewall from time to time.
• Check if the network you are connected to is correct and check how many devices are connected to your modem.
• Put the wifi password of your home internet to a very hard password.
What do I need to know about fake posts?
• Using the Furnituresel.com name and logo; For your safety, never respond to e-mails and SMS that ask for your personal information, credit card, account information and password.
• Do not give credence to advertisements and announcements made for fraudulent purposes by creating the impression of being wanted by Furnituresel or through fake websites and social media accounts.
• Furniture will not ask you for a password for any transaction you will make via telephone or e-mail. Do not share your password and password with anyone.
• Stay away from SMS, E-Mail, e-mail links and attachments that offer an opportunity that is too good to be true.
• Unfamiliar, shortened links and hackers, etc. Do not open or reply to links.
• If you think you have encountered fraudulent posts, you can send an e-mail to “report@furnituresel.com”.
How do I recognize fake email or websites?
Real E-mail
• You will not be asked for your personal data such as your password, credit card or bank number in any e-mail address.
Fake E-mail
• Fake emails often ask us to reply to the message with confidential information.
• Fake emails may contain attachments asking us to open and upload them.
•Fake emails often use threatening language.
Fake Websites
• Beware of fraudulent sites created with the name, logo or content of Furnituresel.com.

• A few examples of these;
• www.furnituresell.com
• www.furnituresales.com
• Furnituresel.city
If you think you have encountered a fake e-mail or website, you can send an e-mail to the account “report@furnituresel.com”.
What do I need to do to ensure transaction security?
• Check and make sure the connection is secure connection https://.
• Make sure you access our website at www.furnituresel.com
• Make shopping by defining İnnial card in online shopping while making payment.
• Furnituresel has absolutely no sales, campaign partnerships or any other website.
Report Fraud
If you think that you have encountered fraudulent posts such as fake websites, e-mail addresses, SMS, etc., you can report it to us from the fields below.
• report@furnituresel.com