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Distance Sales Agreement

Distance Sales Agreement
This contract is automatically accepted from the shopping plan Furnituresel.com platform. They received and approved this tender during the entire sales campaign.
It is an Online Sales Agreement between Furnituresel.com and the Customer.
The scope of this contract is shaped within the framework of the "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Implementation of Distance Contracts" of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 4077.
Vendor information
Receiver informations
All users who are members of the site: ….. All users who shop from this site are members of their own company's e-commerce store.
Subject of the Contract and Details
The type, quantity, color and model information of the goods or products and services on the site are available on the site. The seller reserves the right to change the information and promises here without notifying the buyers.
General provisions
1- The buyer accepts the rights of the seller to change the nature of the product, sale price and other information in Article 4 of the contract.
2- When a product within the scope of the contract is purchased, it is possible to deliver this product to the buyer within 3 days. Extra differences that may arise here can be noted in special notes.
3- If the purchased product is to be delivered to someone other than the buyer, and if the recipient does not agree to deliver this product, the seller will not take any responsibility in this case.
4- The seller has to deliver the purchased product in a safe and complete manner and in accordance with the specifications when ordering the product. Again, the seller has to send the product warranty and user manual.
5- If the payment for the purchased product has not been made or the payment amount has not been reflected to the seller at the time of payment, the seller is not obliged to deliver this product. In such cases, shipping costs belong to the buyer.
6- If the seller cannot deliver the product due to any force majeure, he is obliged to notify the buyer of this situation. In such cases, the buyer has the right to cancel the sale. The seller has to notify the buyer for the cancellation information within 7 days after the buyer cancels the sale.
Right of Withdrawal
The buyer can use the right of withdrawal within 7 days after receiving the purchased product. Within this period, the buyer must somehow contact the seller and notify. It is also essential that the product has not been used in any way and has not been damaged in any way. Again, the packaging of the product must not be damaged.
Authorized court
This contract is negotiated by the Consumer Arbitration Committees up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In disputes between the buyer or the seller, the Consumer Courts closest to the settlement are authorized.
The buyer is deemed to have accepted all the articles in this contract in advance.