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Furnituresel.com has an extremely sensitive conflict system at the point of customer service. Therefore, it always provides you with high quality standards of service. Aiming at 100% customer satisfaction, Furnituresel brings you qualified products in this context.
How do I find out the delivery date of the product I purchased?
After logging in to https://www.furnituresel.com, you can select the products you want to buy by using the "Add to Cart" section of the product you like. Online sales service on our site is currently closed, and only our international furniture stores serve on order. If you contact us via whatsapp for the product information you like and want to buy from our site, we will direct you to our furniture store in your country and order the product.
How Do I Find Out the Shipping Status of the Product I Ordered?
If you have purchased a product through Furniture Sel; When your product is given to the logistics company, you will receive an e-mail. Again, a notification SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number registered in your account.
How do I become a member of Furniture Sel?
To become a member of Furnituresel.com, you must log in to https://furnituresel.com. Then, when you click on the "Sign In" tab, you must tick the "Sign Up" section. You must fill out the form here completely and accurately. After you accept the terms of membership, you are now a member of the Furniture Sel page. After you become a member, you must activate your account. A code will be sent to your mobile phone for this. You must enter this code correctly.
What Do I Do If My Cargo Doesn't Arrive?
If you say what will I do if my cargo does not arrive? Our answer is very simple! You can get an accurate response about the latest status of your cargo by contacting our company immediately. In fact, cargo delays are usually related to cargo companies. The furniture store in your country, which has been transferred with the direction of our site, must have delivered the product to you within 18-45 days at the latest without any problems.
Do I Have The Opportunity To Pay At The Door?
Yet; There is no cash on delivery service on our Furnituresel.com platform. You can order the product with our store, which we have directed you to, or by paying directly to us.
Where should I learn detailed information about the product?
Especially if you want to get detailed information about the product, you should first read the product description section. In the next process, you can learn the product details practically by using the "Contact" number section on the website!
I have shopped from the site, but the company has sent the wrong product, what should I do?
In such a case, you can contact us via whatsapp for a product you have purchased through our site and state that you want to return it, and you can create a return request for the product and return it to the company.
You can return the product you have purchased by contacting the other company by contacting one-to-one other than our site. During this process, our site cannot be held responsible for situations other than trade within our site.