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About Us

It is an online marketplace, foreign trade site and international store chain that offers products at affordable prices in the furniture industry, attaches importance to customer experience, follows the market, and inspires pioneering and new trends. Furnituresel.com, which aims to provide retail services at the most affordable prices in the furniture category with an innovative infrastructure, offers the best service to its customers. It aims to be the best in its sector with its strong infrastructure and expert team. The online marketplace E-commerce shopping site continues to grow with its stores all over the world, adding value to its customers and offering the best prices in the furniture industry.

Our website, which provides furniture sales services to the whole world in the furniture world, cooperates with Turkish manufacturers to provide sales services at the most affordable prices. We are always with our customers with our policies that prioritize customer satisfaction before and after sales. Furniture Sel continues to offer solution-oriented services to all its users. This enables us to provide quality service. We succeed in becoming one of the popular brands of the furniture industry. Our company and our brand Furnituresel.com offers internet users the purchasing power at the most affordable price.

While delivering its products to its customers all over the world through the Furnituresel.com online sales site, which it has established with our furniture sales stores in all countries with the most suitable price, affordable price and quality service policy, to deliver our country's special design furniture to customers in all countries at the point it has reached today. Since the day we entered the furniture sector, it has adopted the unconditional satisfaction of the key to success and kept customer satisfaction at the highest level.

With its online shopping site, it offers a personalized and pleasant shopping experience at distinguished dealers and sales points, while creating warm and peaceful spaces with its innovative perspective that guides home-life trends. Our company is always involved in a professional work at the point of creating innovative ideas. Furnituresel.com, the new address of the world in the furniture industry, was put into service by "Burak Kaygısız" in 2022. Our market site, which is our brand, offers business partnerships to our companies that are manufacturers and suppliers. Instead of ordering the product they want from a different country, our customers will go to our furniture store in the country and city where they are located or in the nearest country, or they will order from our store and will have the product at the most affordable prices.

Who Should Choose Us?
Together with our team of experts in their fields and our working team who love their job, we offer companies that work with us an opportunity to make a difference in their sector. You can work with us if you want to announce the name of your company and determine its brand value in the world of foreign trade, in a world that has become digitalized in today's technologies.