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Dining Room Sets

Gold Living Room Gold Living Room
4.000,00 $ %38
2.500,00 $
Crystal Living Room Crystal Living Room
2.500,00 $ %34
1.650,00 $
Inegol Dining Room Inegol Dining Room
3.500,00 $ %46
1.900,00 $
Modern Dining Room Modern Dining Room
2.500,00 $ %40
1.500,00 $
Avant-garde Dining Room Avant-garde Dining Room
1.750,00 $ %12
1.550,00 $
Mabel Dining Room Mabel Dining Room
2.800,00 $ %31
1.950,00 $
Swiss Dining Room Swiss Dining Room
2.250,00 $ %18
1.850,00 $
Twinkle Dining Room Twinkle Dining Room
2.050,00 $ %11
1.825,00 $
Dining Room Sets
Dining rooms have a very important place for those who like to host guests in their homes and those who make it a habit to eat private meals in the family. People gather to enjoy delicious food in a stylish and cozy dining room. You can have a good time with your loved ones with these furniture that turns the meal into a feast. These rooms, which are one of the most useful areas of the house, can be equipped with furniture with aesthetic features and invitations can be given here.

Special dining rooms are designed for those who prefer to have their meals in a room reserved for dining instead of the kitchen at home. The furniture in these rooms also provides easy storage of dinnerware and ease of service during meals. Designed to create a comfortable atmosphere during the meal, these sets are presented to reflect different styles.

Tables and chairs are prepared as basic furniture in the dining rooms. These are designed to serve 6 people or 12 people. Table dimensions and number of chairs are adjusted according to the number of people. Consoles are also indispensable among dining room furniture. Among the dining room pieces, showcases and mirrors are also preferred pieces. All these furniture differ in classic style or modern style furniture. Dining room models can be chosen to be compatible with the furniture in the house and other items in the room. These furniture should be chosen in a way that is useful as well as aesthetic.

Dining Room Set
In the selection of furniture, there are many different models and reasonable price options for these models. Those who will take a step to buy a dining room set may encounter many models in this regard. You can set up your dining room with the furniture you buy as a piece, or you can create it with furniture prepared as a set. You can choose your set by paying attention to the harmony of the table, chair and console in your dining room with each other and with other items.

The table where the food is eaten can be opened or can be preferred as a fixed table. Pop-up tables can be adjusted as large or small according to the number of guests. The chairs are stylishly designed to create a comfortable environment while dining. The consoles in the dining room are the necessary furniture for placing the dinner sets and using them during service. In some sets, the lower part of the dining table can be used as a cabinet.

Dining Room Sets
Those who prefer different living spaces in their homes also use the dining room for meals. The dining rooms, which are especially used for hosting guests, are furnished with stylish furniture. Dining room sets can consist of different numbers of furniture. If it has become a habit to give dinner parties in large and crowded families, a suitable large dining table and a chair suitable for the number of people should be arranged. In addition, consoles and showcases can be purchased for the placement of food and service sets.

In addition to all these furniture, a suitable mirror can also be considered to make the room look stylish and spacious. Prices vary depending on the quality of the furniture you choose for the dining room and the number of pieces. You can buy the kit you need by examining the models.

Dining Room Models
Everyone wants to furnish their home according to their own style. You can buy furniture designed in accordance with different styles by examining the models suitable for your own style. Dining room models include classic models or modern designs. Dining room sets designed for classical lovers are offered to those who want to decorate their home in a classical way.

There are also many options for those who want to have a modern dining room. There are designs where the color and model of tables and chairs are unusual. In addition, mirrors of different sizes are used in these rooms to make the room appear much larger. You can complete the dining room pieces you have chosen with a carpet and curtain suitable for the room.

Dining Room Prices
Those who want to use stylish and aesthetic furniture in their home can do research by determining their own style. Those who will buy a dining room should first determine the features of the dining room set and the number of furniture they will buy. Dining room prices should be examined in line with these determined features.

In the research, it is seen that the price options are quite wide. Dining room manufacturers offer price options for every budget. Although there are very affordable sets, there are also sets at prices that we can define as luxury. In dining room sets, you can choose furniture, colors and models as you wish, especially in modern designs. Thus, you can create your own set and reach your dream dining room set. While doing all this, you cannot exceed the limits of your budget.
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