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Bed and Base Sets

Avangard Base Headboard Set Avangard Base Headboard Set
3.500,00 $ %65
1.250,00 $
Avangard Base Headboard Nightstand Avangard Base Headboard Nightstand
3.000,00 $ %69
950,00 $
Avant-garde Base Headboard Avant-garde Base Headboard
3.000,00 $ %72
850,00 $
Avangard Bed with Headboard Avangard Bed with Headboard
3.000,00 $ %70
925,00 $
Avangard Base Headboard Double Avangard Base Headboard Double
3.250,00 $ %71
950,00 $
Bedless Avangard Base Headboard Bedless Avangard Base Headboard
2.000,00 $ %59
825,00 $
Avant-garde Headboard Models Avant-garde Headboard Models
1.500,00 $ %64
550,00 $
Plinth Head and Bed Plinth Head and Bed
1.500,00 $ %34
999,00 $
Single Bed Base Models Single Bed Base Models
750,00 $ %67
250,00 $
Double Bed Base Headboard Set Double Bed Base Headboard Set
1.500,00 $ %34
999,00 $
Bed Models With Pads Without Pads Bed Models With Pads Without Pads
500,00 $ %50
250,00 $
Bed and Base Sets
Base and headboard are among the most preferred bedroom furniture with its storage space and practical use. Easy to open and close top covers and large storage areas highlight these products. Although the bases, where you can easily store seasonal clothes, linens, pillows and quilts, are designed as single bed bases, they can be combined into double bases by combining 2 bases.

It is possible to find many different sizes of plinths in terms of suitability according to the intended use and area of ​​use. It is possible to find many different width sizes for the bed bases produced in standard 190-200 cm lengths. These 3 items can be purchased as a set or separately. The size that will determine the size of the other 2 products in the bed base trio is the base size. For this reason, the choice of base is very important when purchasing this triple set.

After choosing the base, the bed should be selected and some points should be considered while making this choice. It must be a bed suitable for the exact size of the bed base converted into a double bed base. Likewise, the features of the purchased bed should be both suitable for the need and compatible with the base.

Base headboards often have the same connotations when heard. What makes the difference here is the construction of the product, its workmanship and the materials used.

How are the base headboard models?
Base types are basically of two types, single and double. It can be preferred as a single or double person depending on the purpose of use. In addition, it can be preferred only as a base without a headboard. If 2 single bed bases are to be combined, the headboard can be selected as 2 single beds or as a single piece. The thing that will determine the choice here is that if it is planned to be used as 2 pieces of base later on, it will not have compatibility problems in the headboards.

Children's and teenage room bed bases can ideally be close to 100x190 cm or 120x200 cm. These dimensions are suitable for single bed base and headboard. It can be said that 160 x 200 cm dimensions are ideal for double teams.

How to Choose Base and Headboard?
When purchasing a plinth, first of all, care should be taken to ensure that the plinth headboard is suitable for the area where it will be used. It is also important that the product is truly tailored to your needs. If the plinth is double, it is necessary to pay attention to the connection points and apparatus that allow the two compartments to stay together. The storage volume and usability of the bed base, the fact that the bed compartment is produced in accordance with the use of the bed and that it has a structure that will provide comfort are other issues that should be considered. In order to be suitable for long-term use, it would be appropriate to pay attention to the quality of the products to be purchased and the type of material used. In addition, product selection should be made taking into account the sleeping habits, body structures and weights of the users. When choosing a product, it would be a good choice to scan previous user reviews and buy the product directly from the manufacturer.

It will be useful to follow the seasonal productions and discounts of the products during the purchase, and to search for the most trendy bed base headboards. It should not be forgotten that buying the base and headboard in bulk will also be reflected in the price.

What are the Base Header Prices?
The price of the plinth head set will vary depending on whether the set is purchased as a whole or separately. In general, the price will be shaped according to the type of products to be selected. The main factor determining the price here is the size of the selected product. The material used, the detail of workmanship and the design will also affect the price. Modern plinth heads offer many options in terms of price.
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